How to gain business growth through tendering processes

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Welcome to Tender & Bid Specialists

  • Do you spend days preparing a submission to have a competitor win the business?
  • Do you quail at the prospect of the procurement process or see great opportunities sail on by because you do not have the time?
  • Do you already use an external tender writing company but have been confused by their prices, or disappointed with their levels of success.

If so then you need Tender & Bid Specialists

We provide you an experienced wordsmith, or for large bids a team of specialist experts. We support your organisation through the whole bidding cycle, from Identification of opportunity and Expression of Interest through to full Invitation to Tender submission. We can even support you with the pitch presentation and contract negotiation.

Have your own bid writer, we can help! Our experts can help you navigate the procurement process providing an impartial third party review of your submission and provide you with detailed feedback, with advice and guidance on how to improve the submission.

We can offer access to tendering opportunities, carry out project evaluation for bid/ no bid decisions, conduct research and competitor analysis, building project models that develop financial costs and revenue models.

We understand procurement and business we are all business professionals in our own right, we are professional writers with an impeccable track record of bid winning success. We understand the buying psychology and are marketing experts and perhaps most importantly we are experienced in the use of e-tendering portals.

Want to know how we work?

Then download our e-book the ‘Winning the bid: the route to effective bid writing’ and we will tell you our secrets.
you will benefit by:

  • Increasing your win rate and develop more revenue
  • Access government and commercial client procurement processes
  • Learning how to plan and implement your bid writing strategy
  • Learn how to write a winning bid