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Why do you give away your bid writing secrets in your e-book?

A great question and the answer is simple! We know that a professional submission takes time, requires total focus without distraction, the ability to write concise, compelling content, and the writer should be impartial to the service. After all this, the submission should be reviewed by an independent third party against the specification for fit, factual accuracy and a sense check I addition to proof reading and checking that all components and attachments have been completed.

Why do bids fail?

We are often asked ‘why do bids fail?’ Experience tells us this can be for 3 underlying reasons;

  1. Technical failure
  2. Capability failure
  3. Price failure

What is technical Failure?

Technical failure occurs where the bid has been disqualified or under marked due to a breach of the submission process requirements. Failures can include; ineligibility, missing deadlines, failure to complete all documentation, not adding requested attachments, not sending the appropriate copy format, exceeding word counts

What is capability failure?

Capability failure occurs where either you do not have the requisite skills and competencies to complete the project, a competitor is better placed or, you fail to express your capabilities effectively. You should note that it is most often the best bid that wins rather than the best service provider, innovation or product. Capability failure revolves around missing the point of the specification or the individual questions.

What is price failure?

Price failure affects many providers who have not grasped ‘Open and Competitive Tendering’ (OCT). Historically the government has set prices and the provider works for that. Now the introduction of OCT requires the government to consider pricing as part of the evaluation process. The provider needs then to strike a balance between price and quality – Lowest price does not always win, but highest price can impact overall score and allow someone to hit higher scores.

Why did we lose the tender we should have won?

The best provider does not always win. Where you should have won but didn’t you either messed up the process, over quoted on price or you failed to demonstrate your capability as effectively as the competition.

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