Tender And Bid Specialist | Tender And Bid Specialist in UK
Tender & Bid Writing Services

Our tender and bid writing service can be brought as a single submission requirement where you want us to handle the issues associated with writing a single application.

A fully managed service where you might require multiple tender responses, and/or multiple partner/ consortium applications.

Or, a single component from our service specifications such as; bid appraisal reviews of your own submissions.

Check out the content of our service offer below.

Service range
Service Specification Single Submission Multi-Bid Service Bid Appraisal Service
Opportunity Finder Optional Optional No
Expression of Interest Yes Yes
PQQ Yes Yes
ITT/Proposal Application Yes Yes
Specification Review Yes Yes Yes
Planning Meeting Yes Yes
Research & Clarifications Yes Yes
Bid/No Bid Decision Support Yes Yes
Business & Financial Modelling Yes Yes
Lead/Consortium & SPV Yes Yes
Partner Evaluation Optional Yes
Partner Due Diligence No Optional
Technical Envelope Yes Yes
Qualification Envelope Yes Yes
Factual Accuracy Check Yes Yes
Editing Service Yes Yes
Sense Check Yes Yes Yes
Specification Compliance Check Yes Yes Yes
Specification Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Attachment Review Optional Yes Yes
Final review, Spelling, Grammar and Jargon Check Yes Yes Yes
Submission (Online/email/postal) Yes Yes
Bid Strategy No Optional
Bid portfolio management No Yes
Rapid Response service Optional Optional
Outcome feedback analysis and evaluation Optional Yes