A versatile project managed bid writing solution that makes tendering simple

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Track record

Winning the bid is not just the name of our e-book it is our reason for being. Our bid writers have an excellent track record of success having collectively submitted 121 proposals developing over £120M in the past 5 years (figure at 31st of December 2014). Our success rates are among the highest in the industry with:

  • Core business success rates 51.6% (at March 2015)
  • New product, or service bid success rates 39.5% (at March 2015)

Shared risk and reward

We believe in our ability to win, that is why we charge a nominal day rate for the delivery of our service, with our key income coming from a performance related charge. You win! We win! Our organisation and our writers are all vested in your success.


We are not just writers our wordsmiths are all business professionals in their own right, we understand business, we understand buyer psychology and we are effective marketeers. Many of our team have many years experience as procurement managers and commissioners. Our ‘poacher turned game keeper’ present a critical understanding of the buyers mind.

We save you time and give you space to run your business

Here at Tender & Bid Specialists we know that bid writing is just one of the many business needs that you have in your business. Our ability to focus exclusively on the bid submission means that our bid planners, researchers, writers, reviewers, and project managers are not dealing with lots of other business issues and work exclusively for you.

We offer a rapid response

While we would always advocate enabling our service with the longest lead time possible we have built a rapid response unit who will expedite your submission.

We offer specialist Multi-bid, Multi-partner, Multi-writer solutions

For organisations wanting or needing to produce multiple bids across multiple partners, using multi-writers. A project manager will coordinate the development of resources, collect, collate and evaluate attachments, will build track record history, gather references, establish partners, and structure and manage the bid research, writing and reviewing team.

Our bid review service

Supports your own bid writing activity giving your organisation peace of mind. Our reviewers evaluate your submission against the specification and provide detailed impartial feedback.

Competitive Rates and Transparent Pricing

We operate a transparent pricing policy, we will tell you in advance what it will cost, there are no hidden extras.

What makes us different?

Our corporate philosophy

You’ll get a transparent price with shared risk and reward.

We guarantee that we will not provide your competitors with a competing tender in response to an ITT Lot or location. – First come is the only one served!

Our service differences

We making the full biding cycle easy!

You’ll get an experienced project planner to manage your bid process personally.

You’ll get expert advice on the production process for your submission.

You’ll get impartial advice and feedback on your service offer

You’ll get access to bidding opportunities

You’ll get detailed research

You’ll get a robust business model with detailed revenue and cost to ensure the submission is right for you.

You’ll get a professional writer and editor developing your responses

You’ll get an impartial third party reviewer to evaluate the quality of the submission

You’ll get the final say on the submission content

You’ll get support on the pitch presentation